So what does becoming a member of CAPS really mean? What’s in it for you? The chief benefit is complimentary admission to the monthly meetings where you will enjoy comradaerie with your colleagues. Also, you will receive a members-only newsletter approximately ten times per year, the 10% buyers fee is waived at our annual fundraising art auction, various special events that have an extra cost are subsidized for members (banquets, picnics, etc.), and a party at Christmas that is completely free for you and your spouse and dependents. However, you get as much out of CAPS as you put in!




1. COMIC ART: We are a group of artists and writers of a specific art form which includes comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, single panel gag cartoons, editorial cartoons, comic/humorous illustration. We do not encompass work in animation, advertising, logo design, etc. (although some of our members do work in those fields as well.) To qualify for CAPS, one must have work in the comic print/web media, subject to the approval of the board.

2. WRITERS: Please provide 6 complete story-arc samples of what you have written that was published. For example, if you wrote on one of the Marvel series for a certain amount of time, we are NOT asking you to give us the entire story arc for your run of the series. We only ask for small story arcs (usually a few pages) to illustrate your writing skills.


By this, we do not mean that we judge the quality of your work. A professional is generally regarded as one who is paid on a professional basis for his/her work, makes a regular income and/or has a body of work in comic-related print/web media and who conducts himself/herself in a professional manner. For example, if you self-publish and make a living at it to the extent that you can be considered a paid professional and/or have run a number of successfully-backed and fulfilled crowdfunding projects – then you may qualify.

However, if you photocopied some of your drawings or written stories solely for the entertainment of your friends and family without compensation, this would not qualify. If you are a relatively new or unknown person in your field, be sure that the samples and information you submit leaves no room for doubt on these points.

We would prefer to receive electronic copies and payment for easier storage and expediency.

If your files are too big to attach, they must be in a Dropbox folder or other easily accessible link provided in the body of the Submission Email.

Please bear in mind that if you don’t qualify this time around, you may reapply later once you gain additional professional experience. The four-person Board of Directors will evaluate your application and advise you in writing of their decision based on the information and samples of the work you have provided. We aim for a processing time for two weeks maximum.

Further instructions may be found on the printable application that you must send to us via U.S. Mail or via email to

Payment of $50 membership processing fee can electronically be sent to

Download Membership Application Here

For snail mail and other such correspondence, you can send this to:

P.O. Box 656

Burbank, CA 91503

Checks are payable to CAPS.

Membership dues are due by the January meeting of every year. By March, the payment will go up $10 and it will be at $60 afterwards to renew. The exception was for the year 2022 as we emerged from post COVID conditions.

For any new members that do join, it will be $50 to cover administrative costs plus any prorated dues regardless of what time in the year that they do join. However, they are obligated to pay $50 by any January meetings afterwards or face a $10 hike on March in order to continue in good standing.

To pay the dues for CAPS, you can send it to our PayPal at:

Or via check or money order made payable to CAPS at:

P.O. Box 656
Burbank, CA 91503

Membership dues will be due by January’s meeting every year. By March, membership fee will increase $10.

FOR NEW MEMBERS: It will be $50 to cover administrative costs plus any prorated dues regardless of what time in the year that they do join. However, they are obligated to pay $50 by any January meetings afterwards or face a $10 hike in March in order to continue in good standing.