Mog Park’s latest work. Coming to Kickstarter October 24th.

Illustrator Mog Park just finished the interiors for a new series: Ruxy Vampire from Cagey Comics and writer Kurt Zauer.  The series is edited by Chuck Pineau and colored by Bruna Costa.

The series will also feature additional variant covers, naughty and nice, by Hedwin Zaldivar, Sykosan, Topper Helmers, Luis Bravo, Francesco Tomaselli, Holy Bones and MR Gunn.

Ruxy Vampire will launch on October 24th via Kickstarter:

The granddaughter of Vladmir Dracula Tepes, Ruxandra (Ruxy) awakes in the 1920s Chicago blending into the gangstar life style of booze, gambling, fist fighting, risque sex and gangland shootings working for the mafia but her supernatural past is about to catch up with her ruining everything she has going.

To see more of Mog Park’s work go here:

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