The Sergio

Each year CAPS hosts a banquet in honor of a writer, cartoonist, or someone in a related field who has had an impact upon our industry. Members and guests travel far and wide to hear guest speakers, see special presentations, eat some good food and rub elbows with colleagues at these wonderful evenings. Over the years, folks such as Will Eisner, Gil Kane, Bil Keane, Jack Kirby, Dave Stevens, Paul Dini, Ray Bradbury, Mell Lazarus, Fred Willard, Jonathan Winters, June Foray, Dan Spiegle, Bill Melendez, Drew Struzan and many other great folks have attended these events.

After many years of many wonderful banquets, CAPS gave a name to the proceedings in 2006 – The Sergio Award. Named after one of CAPS’ co-founders, Sergio Aragonès, The Sergio was first given to the great Jack Davis, with Sergio himself receiving the second trophy that same night. CAPS takes great pride in bestowing this wonderful trophy to a well-deserved guest each year since.