About CAPS

The Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS) was founded on June 9, 1977 through the efforts of cartoonists Sergio Aragonès and Don Rico, and writer Mark Evanier.

The purpose of the organization, to quote from their original invitation, is “. . . a non-profit social-type group that will meet every month. A great many of us toil in near isolation, utterly unaware of what (and who) is happening in our field. The primary goal of CAPS is to change that.”

We meet the second Thursday of every month to discuss what is happening in the comic art business, exchange market news, give state-of-the-industry reports, and listen to many guest speakers who are at the top of our profession. We host other special events during the year that may include picnics, art auctions, Christmas parties, and of course, our annual banquet at which we honor an esteemed member of our profession with The Sergio Award.

Mainly, CAPS exists for cartoonists and writers to get to know one another. We are not a fan organization. We are not a union or a guild. We can’t guarantee to get you work, but we can assure you of a chance to meet people in your field, learn about what’s going on in the world of cartooning, and have a good time.