CAPS at Comic Con Revolution May 21-22

This weekend, CAPS will be at Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California. We will be at table 406 represented by Eddie diAngelini, Randy Reynaldo, Don Nguyen and Jose Pimienta. Come say hello.

Other CAPS members will around the event either on the Exhibitor Floor or Artist Alley. Be sure to check your event guide:

Barbara Randall Kesel at E 10. Brad Rader at 419. Christie Shinn at B2. Bobby Timony at I 13. The Yuan Twins at 407. Travis Hanson at 423.

Brad Rader will be presenting two panels:

Sunday: 11:30 to 12:20 is “Into the Batcave”, where moderator Mike Wellman will interview Kevin Altieri and I about our experience working on season 1 of The Batman Animated series (as well as the “Batman:  Masque of the Phantasm” feature).

Sunday 2:30 to 3:20 will be “Breaking into Animation”; where moderator Craig Price inteviews Christian Gossett (Red Star), Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid) and I (Alan Gregory) seeking answers the knotty question of “can or cannot one have a career in Animation?”.

CAPS member will have a panel on Saturday in Room 106 on Saturday at 3:30 pm- Mobile Workspace.

Christian Gossett Vila, Travis Hanson and Don Nguyen will have a panel on Saturday in room 105 at 4:30-GET FUNDED.

Brad Rader at 419
Don Nguyen at 406
Christie Shinn at B2
Bobby Timony at I 13
Travis Hanson at 423

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